Anteo Taill Lifts Anteo an Italian company with more than 30 years experience in the field of mechanics and hydraulics offers a wide range of products to meet all transport and distribution requirements.

With a presence in Australia since 2002 they have progressively built a strong customer base across many states and we are proud to provide such a premium Aluminum Taillift to Queensland.

All Anteo products are tested for their reliability and safety and come with CE and functional test certification. They come pre-wired and in-factory weight tested with and without load and delivered finished and painted.

At QTK our commitment to our customers ensures that our staff are well trained and well equipped to provide professional service and advice of the installation, service and repairs of your Anteo Taillift.

We stock a comprehensive range of spare parts to cover any repairs or servicing needs and provide reminders for follow-up scheduling for servicing and maintenance..

Our customers can also feel secure in the knowledge that in the event of an emergency breakdown our service representatives are never to far away, providing 24 hours 7days back up service.

For all your Anteo enquiries, please contact us or just follow the link below to find out more about the Anteo range.