QTK Truck Bays at Southern States Group Queensland Headquarter

QTK Group would like to announce the Grand Opening of the Queensland Headquarters of one Queensland’s most advanced, environmentally friendly buildings.

Incorporating an impressive array of state-of-the-art architectural innovations, this building represents the future of environmentally conscious design and functionality.

When the Federal Government called on the manufacturing industry to become more involved in sustainable practice as well as creating even safer work environments, QTK raised their hand to take up the challenge.

This is not your ordinary corporate headquarters nor company. QTK have built their reputation of quality service, product and exemplary staff training to provide their clients a destination that is second to none.

QTK has invested millions here in Queensland, this investment not only protects and supports companies that provide vital road to retail networks such as Woolworths and Coles, but also delivers comfortable air conditioned environments for passengers, from long and short haul bus and coach transport operators.

The new corporate headquarters of the QTK Group has been 4 years in the planning and construction, the environmental inclusions combined with ‘cutting edge’ staff facilities are second to none.

In the midst of the Global Financial Crisis, QTK committed to an investment strategy that exemplified their positive approach to the future of Australia’s transport industry. Fortunately their corporate optimism has prevailed and their confidence in this industry has ensured ongoing economic benefits to all Queenslanders and Australia at large.

“When you’re on your own, you’re not alone” encapsulates QTK Group’s corporate ethos and underpins the future direction of this service-oriented organisation.

QTK Group are proud to announce the official opening of their new premises in Darra on the 9th of April to a fanfare of Government, Corporate, Media VIP’s and customers to celebrate this significant occasion.

We wish to invite you to this prestigious event and celebrate with QTK’s extended corporate family and friends. You will be wined and dined as we lift and veil on what will be another proud achievement for not only QTK but for Queensland industry in general.